In your face, direct as fuck three-piece from Leeuwarden, Holland. Abdomen puts intense lyrics into aggressive songs with threatening guitars, guided by a steady base of drums and bass. Charged with urgency, enthusiasm and a lot of energy.

From the start in early 2015 the band played around 100 shows, including a well received show on Eurosonic. 2 singles were released in one year, with a fierce tricycle-video for single ‘System’ and an insane animation video for single ‘Wrong.

This year the band will release their first full-length, recorded with Matthew Peel, who’s known for his work for Eagulls, Pulled Apart By Horses and Bad Breeding.

Agent: Bob Verhagen

Label: N/A

Territory: BeNeLux

Availability: Generally available

Abdomen Promo - Christel de Wolff (1024px)