Bert Scholten


Bert Scholten‘s songs are about wasting time on the internet, exhibitionistic sporters, forgotten historical figures and gifted tax inspectors. His catchy songs in Dutch describe the different cultural codes that surround us.

With two synthesizers which he carries around in his backpack, Scholten brings pop songs with a playful punk attitude. They have the same bewildering energy as his animations, posters and drawings.
Over the years, Bert has been doing a lot. Artist books, shows, vinyl/cd-r/tape releases, running the ‘Lekker Kut Platenmaatschappij’ cd-r label, artist-in-residencies and promoting gigs with his Owsum-collective. He did various exhibitions around the world, from Munich to Seattle, and from Amsterdam to Berlin.

Scholten calls his music ‘figuratieve popmuziek’ which translates into figurative pop music. “You can instantly see what it is. Like a figurative painting, drawing or film, you can see what is being pictured” explains Scholten in an interview with Noisey.

After his 7-song debut cassette (also called Figuratieve Popmuziek) on Barreuh Records, ‘Orde Schepper’ (Order creator) is the first song of Bert’s debut album sent into the world. On this album he is combining his visual, textual and musical manifestations in various ways.

Agent: Bob Verhagen

Label: Palefroi

Territory: NL/BE

Availability: Generally available