Blackie & the Oohoos


Blackie & The Oohoos’ dreampop takes you on an adventurous trip through a mystic jungle of haunted folk.  Their trademark are dark poppy songs full of hidden tension, sweet and sour at once.

The Maieu sisters sing about secret love dreams, fleeting desire and timeless emotions. Their angel – like voices are deceiving though; songs about the fragile, breakable side of life get smothered by The Oohoos in firm guitarsounds, a threatning rhythm and grime synths. A dark and dreamy atmosphere is what makes the sound of Blackie & The Oohoos. Like no other, they know how to build an intimate, fairy-like and intriguing tension.  

Their debut album was produced by ‘Peter Obbels’ and released in october 2010 on Dia Records/ Bertus. The first singel ‘Love Birds’ got picked up by national radio and the album was recieved well by press and fans.  A quote by online magazine ‘Goddeau’ sums it all up quite well:

“Debut albums often get pinned down as ‘worthy’, but Blackie & The Oohoos are much more than that. Blackie & The Oohoos are just perfect. Your favourite new night-record is out now!”

Their second album ‘Song for two sisters’  and their first on Unday Records was released in november 2012. The band teamed up with indie superstar ‘Pascal Deweze’ for this record and what a collaboration this proved to be! 9 Breathtaking songs in a stiffling atmosphere and a desolate, mysterious sound that according to the press might remind you of David Lynch. For those in need of references, Beach House, Beth Gibbons and Mazzy Star might do the trick.

On the in February 2016 to be released third album ‘Lacuna’, their haunting dream pop is being perfected. Studio wizard Dijf Sanders (Teddiedrum, The Violent Husbands) coproduced and mixed the album. Backed by Alfredo Bravo’s propulsive tribal drumming and colored by Milan Warmoeskerken’s otherworldly guitar, the sisters’ songcraft and strong melodies remain at the core of every track, though on Lacuna the emphasis shifts towards rhythm and a coherent sound.  The new record is undoubtedly their most consistent and simply strongest effort to date. 

‘Lacuna’ is being released in February 2016 on Unday Records on CD, LP and digital

Agent: Marije van Veen

Label: Unday records

Territory: NL

Availability: autumn 2016

Blackie by Philippe Werkers 1