Breaking Levees


If there is a desire to see the unseen.., than drive man, drive.

Breaking Levees, rockin’ and rollin’ as if the dust and the dirt of the musical landscape had nothing better to do than collect scorpion skulls and as all the little boy bands roll up their skinny jean pant legs afraid of the flood of what happens when a band goes full on. Well, the men of Breaking Levees are the fellas responsible for the resurgent sound of that good time “ramble house rock”, causing the rock and roll high waters to rise again.

It is the back to basic four-on-the-floor, get up and go “ramble house boogie” that true rollers from around the globe pray that they will stumble into in every road housebar, dancehall and twisted deformed disco from Pensicola, Florida to the Great Irish Penninsula. Breaking Levees, the sounds of bootheels kickin’ up the dog eared dust from the beer stained sandlewood floor stomp. A bunch of good time sinners and saviors alike, leaving the boys and girls all sexed up and sweaty. All those crazy legged kids and cats that have been diggin’ on the Breaking Levees for years will talk your ear off telling you tales about the Breaking Levees backlash toe tappin’, hip snakin’, bootie quaken sounds, it’s the hold tight and let go go go..! The tornado, the hurricane the tempest storm of cruisin’ sound..! It is Breaking Levees, man. Rock-’n-roll rule bendin’, Breaking Levees comin’ for your women, comin’ to your town. Let’s all get down to the sound.

Agent: Marije van Veen

Label: N/A

Territory: EU

Availability: Generally available