From the very start DAAU took pride in its reputation for being an exciting live band. The musicians toured extensively in Europe, made a huge impression at prominent festivals in France, Switzerland, Hungary and Denmark and even gigged in Russia and Taiwan. Between the acts, all members of DAAU moonlighted in other bands: Roel Van Camp was (and still is) part of Dez Mona, Simon Lenski made an experimental cello record with Bo Wiget and entered into an alliance with the ladies of vocal trio Laïs. Together with Han Stubbe he was also involved with Prima Donkey and Donkey Diesel. These days Hannes d’Hoine can be heard with Ellen Schoenaerts and Blackie & The Oohoos.

In the meantime DAAU got the hang of writing soundtracks for movies, theatre productions and dance performances. Moreover, the group contributed to an album dedicated to the work of British underground stalwarts Coil. On stage DAAU worked intensively with French electrodub band Ez3kiel and Danish folk noir duo Murder. A show with the latter at the Danish Spot festival in 2008 blew away journalist David Fricke of American music mag Rolling Stone, who called it one of the weekend’s highlights.

In 2010 DAAU wrote the beginning of a new chapter with ‘The Shepherd’s Dream’, a bucolic album that demonstrated they were still growing creatively. When cellist Simon Lenski moved to Berlin, the band decided to go on as a trio, supplemented by guest drummer Steven Cassiers. This did not mean that the ties with the Lenski brothers were cut, however. Both are featured on ‘Eight Definitions’ and, depending on their availability, will continue playing live with their old friends in the near future.

Agent: Marije van Veen

Label: Excelsior Recordings

Territory: NL

Availability: Upon Request