Die Nerven


Three guys from Southern Germany do 80´s No Age Punk with a big noise /industrial Touch. It´s not a big Surprise. Tom Hazelmyer handpicked them as the first german language Band on his Cult Label AmpRep for an exclusice 7”.

After some much-noticed Tours in Germany and Austria, two official albums, three Singles, Germany’s most exciting new band hits Denmark for the first time to play Roskilde Festival. Die Nerven combine raw Noise-rock and Post-punk sound with short, shouted lyrics which cover issues like desire, fear love and disoriented youth, constantly in an undertone of nihilism and overall misanthropy. Musical references are bands such as Einstürzende Neubauten, Fugazi, Iceage, Abwärts and American Noise-rock bands of the 1980s. Their second album „FUN“ was released on the german Independent-Label „This Charming Man Records“ on the 7th of February 2014

Agent: Frank Kimenai

Label: Glitterhouse Records

Territory: NL

Availability: Upon request