Fifty Foot Combo


“The Fiftys have badassery down to a science! This Euro band has something kind of lacking in American bands, a risque nihilist swagger they learned well from our pioneers like Link, Sonics. How can they stay so raw, yet so musical?”


The story of the Fifty Foot Combo is quite unique for a Belgian band, thrillingly hot and exciting at the same time. As their reputation kept on growing, live appearances multiplied, and the birth of the so called “Monstrophonic” sound was a fact! The power emerging from their livegigs was until then only a rare phenomenon which very few had witnessed before seeing the Combo at work. Garage, surf fuzz, psychedelica, exotica, horror, thunder and punkrock make this band to be a very infectious experience you’ll never forget.It is an undisputable fact that Fifty Foot Combo is one of Belgium’s five hottest live-acts, and for some unknown reason they manage to keep on getting more impressive. Smooth but trashy, wild, sexy and exciting but stylish… In the meantime Fifty Foot Combo toured all over Europe, and performed bonecrushing concerts on some of the most prestigious stages on the continent. Wether they were playing at Roskilde festival in Denmark or in a small dark underground bar in Ghent, they always delivered a powerfull liveshow fuelled with tons of aggressive instrumental sounds, ranging from surf to soul, over big beat to fuzz garage.


The band is back on track now, with a new album coming out in the spring of 2016. For this album they worked with legendary Detroit producer Jim Diamond (Dirtbombs, White Stripes, Sonics, etc), who produced and mixed the album. 

Agent: Frank Kimenai

Label: T.B.A.

Territory: NL

Availability: Upon request

Fifty Foot Combo