Flying Horseman


With their unique mix of experimental rock, drony post-folk and deep, dark blues, Flying Horseman is an ongoing, growing sensation. The rich interaction of deep souled vocals, insicive lyrics, hypnotic bass, obscure guitars, floaty synths and tribal drums creates a melancholic atmosphere that will grab the listener by the throat.


Their debut ‘Wild Eyes’ was released at the end of 2010 on Conspiracy Records/Konkurrent and introduced them to huge critical acclaim both in Belgium and abroad.


The follow up album ‘Twist’, produced by Koen Gisen, was released on Unday Records in April 2012. It became a dark romantic album, sultry and ghost-ridden, the ultimate soundtrack of the night. It builds on the atmospheric roots rock of their debut, but its patterning is lush and its orchestration subtle by comparison.


By the end of November of the same year they released the breathtaking four track EP “Navigate”: three stripped down solo songs of Bert Dockx and one older unreleased track which receives the full band treatment.
Influences such as Joy Division, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bill Callahan, Talk Talk and The Velvet Underground come to mind and illustrate the cloth this band is cut from.


Their third album sears the soul to the rhythm of a torrid summer’s day. While the previous album, Twist, evoked the atmosphere of the deep, dark woods, City Same City is a breath of desert air. Still, each track is imbued with an ominous light, a sense of the gathering storm.


With their latest and fourth album, “Night Is Long”, Flying Horseman have created their most varied and colourful album to date. Flying Horseman’s fourth release abounds with contrast and offers everything from highly compact, recognisable songs to the most epic and experimental tracks the band has yet unleashed. And more than ever, we are witness to a sextet with its own unique sound. As urgent and uncompromising as ever, Flying Horseman has composed a new chapter in their unique story in the annals of music.


“Night Is Long” will be released on Unday Records in october 2015!

Agent: Marije van Veen

Label: Unday Records

Territory: NL

Availability: Upon request

FH by Philippe Werkers