Goe Vur In Den Otto


Goe vur in den Otto – that’s Flemish, or should we say, Antwerp slang for “Fucking amazing music to drive a car, break speed laws while banging your head and shouting along to awesome music”… The Antwerpians are know to keep it to the point…

It all began when DJ’s Pete da Bomber and Johnny Jailbait started putting stickers with the “GVIDO” logo on CD’s that were suitable to play on your car stereo while speeding. Think Slayer, Judas Priest, Turbonegro, Dio, (old) Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Ramones, that kind of stuff. Their “seal of approval” stickers soon started leading a life of their own, especially after the dynamic duo started DJ’ing under the same moniker. After trashing about at local bars and clubs, Pete and Johnny really got the taste of it, and put together a kick ass stage show with guitar amps, flames, stage-outfits and soon after, they got booked on big festivals like Groezrock, Antwerp Metal Meeting and Graspop. So if you Wanna Rock, Drink Beer and Raise Hell, if you need some Bad Medicine, or wanna Rock ’n Roll All Night? Party Every Day? Goe Vur In Den Otto is the answer to all your questions.

Agent: Frank Kimenai

Label: N/A

Territory: NL

Availability: Generally available

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