Imperial State Electric


Imperial State Electric was founded in 2009 by erstwhile Entombed and Hellacopters leader Nicke Andersson. After breaking up the Hellacopters one year prior, the accomplished drummer and guitar player initially set out to work on a solo album, performing every instrument, barring a few contributions from old friends like one-time Hellacopter bandmates Dregen and Boba Fett, plus Death Breath member Neil Leyton. But at the same time, Andersson had also launched a new band named Cold Ethyl, featuring guitarist Tobias Egge, bassist Dolf de Borst (previously of the Datsuns), and drummer Thomas Eriksson, which, in time, became Imperial State Electric. And so it was the latter band’s name gracing Andersson’s augmented solo sessions when they landed on record store shelves in March 2010, surprising many a fan with its straight-faced homage to ‘70s classic rock, glam, and power pop. ISE proceeded to hit the road and played to several large audiences on the European tour circuit, then started work on several full-length albums, but this time as a full band. Which resulted in four album releases in the last five years (!). How has the band has found time and creativity? Nicke’s answer is clear: “We play rock ‘n’ roll music, if it takes four years to make a rock ‘n’ roll record then you have most likely over analysed an art form that isn’t meant to be analysed at all. You should feel it and to me, this feels real good.”

Agent: Frank Kimenai

Label: Psychout Records

Territory: NL

Availability: Upon request