Belgian guitarist/vocalist Thomas Werbrouck has a new project called KRANKLAND, a four piece band with Christophe Claeys (SX, Magnus, Balthazar) on drums, Thomas Mortier (Yuko) on bass and Janko Beckers (Faces on Tv) on guitar. The group’s upcoming album ‘Wanderrooms’ is recorded by Pascal Deweze (Metal Molly, Sukilove) at Studio Jezus.


Be ready for the psychedelic vibes of the noir tinted debut single ‘In The Realms Of The Unreal’, filled with trippy tempo, sick groove guitar electricity, and a killer refrain – one hell of a way to make an appearance on the Belgian music scene!


This project by singer-guitarist Thomas is meant to be a tribute to his musical heroes, ranging from songwriters like Nick Cave and Tom Waits to experimental artists like Jonny Greenwood and Dirty Three – blending personal subject matters with a radical experimental approach. But in the end, KRANKLAND mainly sounds like KRANKLAND – which is definitely worthwhile to check out!

Agent: Marije van Veen

Label: TBA

Territory: NL

Availability: Generally available