Frederic “Lyenn” Jacques has toured the world extensively as bass player in Mark Lanegan’s band. He has also had the opportunity to share his own music on tour – in Europe, USA and even China – and has moved people with his art wherever he has been. Together with Bert Dockx and Steven Cassiers – Fred Lyenn makes up for 1/3rd of the jazzrock trio Dans Dans and he’s also part of the Brussels’ underground improv scene. He plays double bass, mostly improvised music, with r.naakt.i, a contemporary classical music duo with Ann Eysermans, and Champs d’Action, a pool of musicians and artists lead by the contemporary classical composer Serge Verstockt.

Some time has passed since the 2009 release of LYENN’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘The Jollity Of My Boon Companion’, our first induction into the mysterious, willful world of LYENN and the remarkable musicians (like Shahzad Ismaily, Marc Ribot and Joel Hamilton) that surround him. 2011 saw the release of the equally beautiful EP ‘Vowels Fade First’ as an intermezzo but a new full album was on the back burner for a while, due to touring and some life-altering events.

Fuelled by the emotional turmoil in his recent past, the new full album “Slow Healer” wasn’t merely an option for LYENN but a must. And what a worthy successor to his debut it is! Iceland proved to be the perfect canvas for his fragile music and likewise state, and led to a collaboration with not only his faithful companion Shahzad Ismaily but also Mùm cellist Gyda Valtysdottir and drummer Julian Sartorius. On the new recordings LYENN’s music sounds pure and honest. Lucid tones are held together by a sparse use of instruments. The songs are undressed and embedded in an intriguing universe of fascinating sounds. The reach of LYENN’s voice is remarkably broad, ranging from angelic whispers to intense demonic shouts.

Nothing is forced neither planned. Spontaneity, freedom and improvisation are key, to step into a dialogue with his audience. Also in his live performances, no two sets are ever the same. All is instinctive, instantaneous and fleeting. And true magic descends upon the listener who is prepared to step into the moment with him. A powerful unity drifting upon the melancholic tide of a film noir.

The release of LYENN’s second full album “Slow Healer” is scheduled for the spring of 2016. Absolutely not to be missed!

Agent: Marije van Veen

Label: V2 Records

Territory: NL

Availability: Upon request