Martin Kohlstedt


Intuitively Martin Kohlstedt feels his way through this body of wood, felt hammers and steel strings. The young composer is always struggling with himself, capturing his audience in the resulting undertow. It just doesn’t get more personal than that with modern compositions.


For the third part of his current tour Martin Kohlstedt rearranges his setup, moving further away from the safe position behind a large piano that shaped his album ”Nacht” (2014). Instead the young composer rips his instrument wide open and electrifies the keys with effects and loops. One can expect different and challenging live experiences for artist and audience alike, all in Kohlstedts attempt to expand his already defined musical language. It’s this newfound desire for freedom that gives his musical statements a long deserved self-indulgence.


But on the other hand Martin Kohlstedt just can’t remain alone with himself, always looking for the dialogue: In November eight new perspectives of various artists on his pieces will be published: ”Nacht Reworks” continues the idea of a fluid body of work rather than searching for a so called perfect version of a composition.


Agent: Marije van Veen

Label: Listen Collective

Territory: NL

Availability: Upon request