California’s Saviours continue to forge ahead with towering riffs, colossal rhythm, monumental guitar harmonies and an obsession with the end of times, the occult, psychedelics and the arcane. Still building upon the the foundation that Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden laid, Saviours enter their second decade in a new partnership with French label Listenable Records.


Rooted in hardcore punk but preferring to cruise in outer space, the lysergic hessians of Saviours have always brought a ton of swing and swagger to their forward-charging heavy metal. The band melds sounds from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, progressive rock, and proto-doom, and delivers it all with a snarling West Coast hardcore edge. The result is an absolute beast of a sound that is all Saviours’ own.

Agent: Frank Kimenai

Label: Listenable Records

Territory: NL

Availability: Feb/March 2016