Terry Riley / The Rileys


The Rileys are Terry Riley (piano/synthesizer, voice) and Gyan Riley (classical/electric guitars).

California Composer Terry Riley launched what is now known as the Minimalist movement with his revolutionary classic IN C in 1964. This seminal work Provided a new concept in musical form based on interlocking repetitive patterns. It’s impact was to change the course of 20th Century music and it’s influence has been heard in the works of prominent composers such as Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Adams and in the music of Rock Groups such as The Who, The Soft Machine, Tangerine Dream, Curved Air and many others. Terry’s hypnotic, multi-layered, polymetric, brightly orchestrated eastern flavored improvisations and compositions set the stage for the prevailing interest in a new tonality.

In June of 2015 Terry Riley turned 80 years old. 

“Nothing I have done in this life has given me more satisfaction than improvising on these songs with Gyan.  Nothing I have done can match the intuitive synchronicity we have shared many times on the stage.  Gyan supplies a brilliant counterpoint to the strands and moods of these pieces always surprising me with a virtuosity that serves and energizes his musical invention.  I could not have dreamed up a better marriage of mind and spirit than this collaboration.” – Terry Riley

Agent: Frank Kimenai

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