The Ar-Kaics


Richmond, Virginia’s The Ar-Kaics play a naive brand of punk music in the tradition of American Teen Beat and garagerock circa 1965 – or ’66, at the latest. Ask a band member, however, and they’re quick to describe the sound as “a wild ass ride.” On this self-titled debut LP they’ve traversed the muck and climbed out of the ooze, to walk pointedly upright on their own eight feet. Like all the dilettante Stones and Jr. Beatles before them, hammering away on department store instruments in their parents’ garage, The Ar-Kaics are one with their inner troglodyte child, showcasing a wealth of irresistibly simple hooks, fuzzy strut and primal swagger. 

Agent: Bob Verhagen

Label: Lolipop Records

Territory: NL

Availability: Upon request