The Mighty Breaks


The Mighty Breaks consists of six friends from the small Dutch town of Voorschoten. Known for their high energy live shows, the band’s weapons of choice are fuzzy guitars, keyboard riffs and the perhaps unusual but well thought out addition of saxophone, a combination so constructed that it would make any set of ears twitch. Their Garage Pop/90’s Alternative sound is inspired by artists like Guided By Voices, Black Lips and The Dandy Warhols.

A debut record, titled The Mighty Breaks EP, will be released on Scottish/Dutch indie label Mink Records on the 20th of April, accompanied by a release show at V11 in Rotterdam. The EP is the first collected set of tracks that reflects the evolvement of band’s sound, which has culminated into a combination of contemporary influences, a varied spectrum of musical inspiration brought to the table by each individual band member and an interesting mix of instruments and references to their garage and 90’s inspirations. The Mighty Breaks EP consists of four well fitted, unapologetic songs that all have their own feel, without losing cohesiveness as a whole. Above all, expect an energising listening experience.

Come feel the vibes live to really know what The Mighty Breaks are all about. Words on paper don’t mean shit. We write songs, not novels.


Agent: Marije van Veen

Label: Mink Records

Territory: BeNeLux

Availability: Generally available